Case Studies into Innovation

Across Africa, practitioners are grappling with the challenge of creating an enabled housing finance environment. While these challenges may seem insurmountable, there is a growing track record of novel solutions and initiatives, pioneered by policy makers, financiers, developers and households themselves, suggesting that there are new opportunities for making the housing finance sector work for the poor in Africa. This case study is part of a broader series that CAHF has commissioned to support professional development and inform a broader research and dialogue process. The case studies vary, addressing themes as diverse as housing microfinance, mortgage liquidity facilities, cement block-banking, home loan guarantees for the informally employed, and infrastructure financing, highlighting experiences from countries across the continent. We hope this series contributes to more precise and successful endeavours that realise the opportunities in this market. The links to the case studies are found below:

Case Study 1 | The FOGARIM: A Housing Loan Guarantee for the Informally Employed

Case Study 2 (Presentation) | The Role of Mortgage Liquidity Facilities in Housing Finance: Lessons Learned from Egypt, Tanzania, Nigeria and Malaysia

Case Study 3 | Innovative Affordable Housing Practices in Africa: Cement Block Banking in the Gambia

Case Study 4 | Financing Infrastructure for Housing Developments: Case Studies from Sub-Saharan Africa

Case Study 5 | The PPC Home Owners Support Programme

Case Study 6 | Housing Microfinance Business Models: Three Case Studies

Case Study 7 | The Transformation of the Housing Finance Company of Kenya

Case Study 8 | Sustainable NGO Microfinance of Poor and Low-Income Housing in Egypt

Case Study 9 | Build It Case Study: Housing Microfinance Value Chains

Case Study 10 | Housing Microfinance for the Self-Employed in Ghana: The Case of Three Lenders

Case Study 11 | Access to long-term capital: The Case of Ghana Home Loans

Case Study 12 | The Role of Savings and Credit Cooperative Organizations in Kenya’s Housing Finance Sector

Case Study 13 | Delivering Affordable Housing in Kenya: The Case of Karibu Homes Ltd

Case Study 14 | Financing Micro-Developments of Residential Rental Stock: Case Studies of Seven Small-Scale Landlords in Cape Town

Case Study 15 | Raising Capital to Regenerate Inner Cities: the Case of TUHF Holdings (Pty) Limited

Case Study 16 | Construction financing in Africa’s affordable housing sectors: Testing the assumptions in Kenya’s Affordable Housing Program

Case Study 17 | Affordable and Climate Resilient Building: A Case Study of casa real in Beira, Mozambique

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