Mikhaela Donaldson

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Mikhaela obtained her Masters in Urban Studies from the University of the Witwatersrand in 2016 through a study on urban regeneration. As a senior precinct manager her role includes the development and implementation of public space management and strategic urban intervention projects related to urban management, city building, community activation, public private partnerships and urban revitalisation, along with providing direction, assistance, training and guidance to the Excellerate Managed Services-Precinct Management Division.
She is driven by a keen curiosity and appreciation for the way in which cities have been shaped and developed and has based her professional and academic pursuits around these themes, exploring the evolution of urban spaces as well as unpacking the symbiotic relationship between physical environments and the people who use and shape them.
She has further had the opportunity through the U.S. State Department International Visitor Leadership Program on Urban Revitalisation, to explore themes around social equity in rapidly urbanising cities, public space management, strategic planning as a mechanism for just city building, community activation, public private partnerships as a delivery instrument and urban revitalisation.
Both my academic and professional pursuits have been framed by gaining a greater appreciation for the urban landscape and how these spaces can be and should be adapted and transformed to better suit the greatest number of users and ideally becoming sustainable, supportive and innovative spaces.