Professor Aloysius Mosha

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Prof. A.C.Mosha is currently a full professor and Dean of the Faculty of the Built Environment, Arts and Science at the University of BAISAGO, Botswana since January 2019. He obtained a first degree in town planning(1972 – University of Newcastle upon Tyne) and a  doctorate degree in town planning from the University of Nottingham, UK in 1976. He has extensive practical and academic experience in the field of Urban and Regional Planning, Human Settlements, Environment, Climate Change and Municipal Finance. He has worked as  a Director, Town Planning Department, Capital Development Authority in Tanzania (1977); Ardhi University Tanzania (Professor and Director of Studies); University of  Zimbabwe where he established the Urban Design Programme and at the University of Botswana (1990-2018).

He has carried out extensive research related to physical planning, housing, climate change and other cognate subjects and has also participated in various United Nations and  other international organisations’ consultancy and research  projects in the African and Asian continent on pertinent human habitat issues.

In his professional experience, Prof. Mosha has participated in several settlement urban master plans and other design projects; environmental impact studies and other projects. Further, Prof. Mosha is widely published locally and internationally. Many of his contributions are recorded in papers, book chapters, books and other publications which are used as valuable reference documents by the public fraternity and academics.

On a personal level, Professor Mosha is likable, humble, gentle, a team player and relates very well with all his peers and colleagues. He always strives for excellence in all his endeavours.



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