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4 days ago
Africa’s #affordablehousing sector needs focus on institutional investment: developers and financiers, and early stage risk investment. @mozanders @reall_int https://t.co/0KGwWHOFfW CAHF_Africa photo
4 days ago
4 key stages for investment in #affordable #housing in #Africa. 3nd and 3rd stage most often overlooked leading to grand plans coming to naught. @reall_int a key player https://t.co/8Gmlarzyaj CAHF_Africa photo
6 days ago
Atelier de formation en Conception de Produits Hypothécaires et Gestion de Portefeuille - Abidjan 6-8 Février 2018 - https://t.co/BTMLoIcklg
2 weeks ago
On your way to Rwanda to meet with @Rwanda_Housing and others? Take a look at Rwanda's housing sector here https://t.co/5fJ5YqYUJ8 https://t.co/PQTC6qRZE7
2 weeks ago
Rental is a critical issue across the continent as households increasingly meet their affordable housing needs with rental accommodation. Watch this space - CAHF research due to be published soon. https://t.co/6nGKIdFKMJ

Instagram: Houses of Africa

  • housesofafrica About 70 of households in Mozambiques capital city Maputo
     #housesofafrica  About 70% of households in  #Mozambique ’s capital city,  #Maputo , live in informal housing with poor access to services - even in the inner city. A project in Poland Canico A, an area less than 3km from the city centre is trying to address this with an innovative land value
  • housesofafrica These 3bedroom flats Namungoona Apartments in Kampala Uganda go
     #housesofafrica  These 3-bedroom flats, “Namungoona Apartments” in Kampala, Uganda, go for about $300 per month rental - much less than the estimated $1000 per month in bond costs that a buyer of a comparable $80,000 3-bedroom flat would have to pay. The cost of housing in Kampala is among the
  • housesofafrica Much of the housing in Ugandas capital city Kampala
     #housesofafrica  Much of the housing in Uganda’s capital city, Kampala, is self built, with home made bricks baked in the sun. The cost of housing in Uganda is particularly high, with land and infrastructure standing out as the main cost items. Throughout the city, homes like this one are without
  • housesofafrica tanzania with almost 70 of employees earning 140 a
     #housesofafrica   #tanzania  with almost 70% of employees earning $140 a month, majority of people finance thier homes through loans (at an average of 11.5%) and household savings.
  • housesofafrica The 33rd AUHF conference will be held in Kampala
     #housesofafrica  The 33rd AUHF conference will be held in  #Kampala  this year. This is how some people are housed in Uganda's capital city  #AUHFconference2017  #urbanoctober   #housingforall . Photo courtesy of elcivics.com
  • housesofafrica This is an appartment building in Abidjan 2 plateau
     #housesofafrica  This is an appartment building in Abidjan, 2 plateau, a middle income neighborhood, rents here god from 120 dollars per months for a studio to 800 dollars per months for a 3 bedroom  #housingforall   #urbanoctober 
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